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Luz Y Verdad (Light and Truth) Bible College and Christian Church

At this location we operate our bi-vocational Bible College where students graduate with a Bible degree, as they pursue other degrees as well. As they study, they also serve and evangelize in areas of the country where there are no churches. When the students graduate the idea is for them to become ministers and pastors of those same areas. Our goal is to prepare evangelists to go out and spread the Gospel to those areas of the Dominican Republic that are currently unreached.


This location also serves as the only Christian church in downtown Santiago, Iglesia Cristiana Luz y Verdad (Light and Truth Christian Church). With this Church we want to fill a gap created by the absence of Christian churches in the downtown area. The idea is to use this to reach out to the middle upper class of Dominicans. Juan De Leon Gutierrez is the pastor of the church, and they currently meet on Sunday at 4pm.

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