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Our first and oldest site!

The church here was started in 1985. Juan De Leon Sr. is the founder and pastor of this church. In 2011 Mr. De Leon opened a theological college directly above the church. Today the college offers seminary classes as well as practical classes such as English and Public Speaking among others. 


The Theological school equips new and future leaders to spread the gospel and live out The Great Commission, bringing the message of God's transforming love to the lives of those in their own communities

Current Projects:

​The greatest need we have at this site is transportation for church goer's and student's of the school.



Montecristi is the most recently started ministry site in the DR. We have partnered with a local pastor by the name of Franklin who has an established congregation there. We are excited for this partnership and look forward to seeing what God has in plan as we move forward together. Please join us in praying for continued growth of the congregation and for a widening of the building where they meet.



Navarrete is a community located west of the city of Santiago. The congregation here is pastored by faithful Uguito and consists of about 30 members. Uguito says that their main focus is ministering to the community around them and as such the congregation frequently visits community members who are not part of the church. The church holds services on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday each week. One of the churches main needs right now is to repair the foundation of their building which has been patched many times over the years due to continued cracking.



La Yaguita is where our missionary Juan Jr. and his family currently lives and works.

This Elementray school/church complex is located in one of the most impoverished areas of Santiago.  The school, which opened in 2005 is the least expensive in the area, with tuition at about $10 a month.  Even though $10 is less than 25% of what is actually needed to sustain the school and its teachers,  several students attend the school at La Yaguita on academic scholarship.  


Every teacher is committed to serving and educating the students.  The school provides each child with a uniform and classroom materials.  The school also provides spiritual guidance, with a bible class that is added to their academic studies.  


As a community church, La Yaguita has weekly prayer meetings, womens and mens bible study groups, and a Sunday morning church service.  Juan De Leon, Jr serves as the church Pastor and caretaker for the building and is a teacher at the school, as well as his wife Karol. 


Current Projects: The school at La Yaguita is currently striving to create a school library, provide heathcare for their teachers, reestablish daily breakfast, attain sponsorship for more of their students, and allow for electrical maintenence on the school property, as the school is subject to electrical blackouts. Please consider sponsoring a student today!



Gurabo is a community located inside the city of Santiago. The congregation here is primarily Haitian and is headed up by Pastor Sagesse. Please join them in praying for a property of their own and for continued growth of the congregation.

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