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Dominican Republic / Costa Rica Connection

The opportunity to expand the limits of the Kingdom of God is more than a privilege; it makes an eternal difference in the lives of those touched by the Gospel. Although the Restoration Movement has been in existence for hundreds of years, in Costa Rica, we only have one church (to our knowledge). For this reason, churches from Delaware, South Carolina, Chicago, and The Dominican Republic have gathered together to start a church planting ministry in Costa Rica.


The plan consists of moving the De Leon family from The Dominican Republic to Costa Rica by September 2022. This will be possible by raising 45,000 Dollars by August 2022. The funds will be used for moving the De Leon family and cover their salary for a year. Your participation in this vision will make possible the funding of churches through Costa Rica that:


1. Fulfill the great commission

2. Teach the pure doctrines from the Bible

3. Impact the country with the love of God


How to get involved:

1. Prayer

2. Give (Click the Donate button below)

3. Connect with RIM


Thank you for your prayer and financial support for this vision.

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