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Dominican Republic


Juan Deleon Sr.  

I am Pastor Juan De León, I am 72 years old, married to Mrs. María Elena since 1996, with whom I have 2 children, Isaac De León Elena, 24 years old and Saray De León Elena, 20 years old. I have academic training in areas of technology, law, and communication. I have been a pastor for 35 years and am currently leading the church in Cienfuegos, Santiago De Los Caballeros. 


Jonas Deleon

Jonas has worked with RIM since its beginning. He is from the Dominican Republic, the son of Juan De Leon and the oldest brother of Juan De Leon Gutierrez and Juan Eliezer De Leon, both members of RIM. Jonas has four children and lives in Santiago. He leads our youth, sports, and Loaves and Fish ministries. 


Juan (Guancho) Deleon

Details coming soon...


Eliezer Deleon

Eliezer De Leon is married to Amanda De Leon. The Lord has blessed them with 4 children: Neftaly, Daniel, Liora and Eliana. They currently serve in a church in the city of Chicago in the USA. Eliezer has served in missions most of his life and is currently a coordinator for RIM in the USA.


William Gomez

I am William Gomez and have worked in ministry and missions for the past 40 years. I have planted and continue to assist the following churches here in the Dominican Republic: Iglesia Cienfuegos, Iglesia Yaguita de Pastor, Iglesia Palo Alto, Iglesia Villa Gonzales, Iglesia Santo Lucia, Iglesia Linia Noroeste, Iglesia Navas. I also work with and consult 17 different Haitian churches in and around Santiago, and have helped to plant 2 churches in Cuba. I currently head up the school project that focuses on prevention by partnering with multiple prisons throughout the island. 


Emanuel Sagesse

I am Emanuel Sagesse, and was born November 1, 1975 in Haiti. I am married to Edeline Sagesse and we have 1 daughter who is 6 years old named Fabiola Sagesse. I went to school at St. Charles private school in Haiti and then later to Lufe Espaillat. I became a Christian in 1994 and have been a Pastor for 15 years. I studied theology in La Yaguita de Pastor with Pastor Juan Deleon. I am currently pastoring the church in Gurabo.


Franklin Rodriguez

I am pastor Franclin Rodríguez De La Rosa, I am 41 years old, married to Mrs. Rebeca Rodríguez Mora since 2000, with whom I have 3 children, Angélica, 19, Freili, 17, and Abdiel, 7 years old. I am currently a pastor in Buenos Aires de Montecristi.

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