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william gomez

"When someone gives you their time it shows just how much they value you because they're giving something they can never take back".

William has worked in ministry and missions for the past 40 years. He has planted and continues to assist the following churches here in the Dominican Republic: Iglesia Cienfuegos, Iglesia Yaguita de Pastor, Iglesia Palo Alto, Iglesia Villa Gonzales, Iglesia Santo Lucia, Iglesia Linia Noroeste, Iglesia Navas.

He also works with and consults 17 different Haitian churches in and around Santiago, and has helped to plant 2 churches in Cuba. 


William has started 3 feeding centers and continues to assist where necessary. These feeding centers were started in some of the same communities as the churches (Puerto Plata, Cienfuegos, and Villa Gonzales). These centers help to feed children who otherwise may not eat.


For the past 7+ years William’s main-focus has been working with men inside the prisons here in Dominican Republic. He helped to start The Institute for Authentic Manhood which is a program currently running in 7 prisons. This program is designed to help men understand their past and then work through the healing process necessary to become an authentic man (physically, socially, and spiritually). William has worked tirelessly to grow this program to a point where others can take it over and run with it. William is nearing that point and is preparing to leave the project in good hands within the next few months.


After working in prisons for the past 7+ years, God has planted a seed within William’s heart to begin a program that focuses on prevention. He has an opportunity to enter the public schools to work with youth to reach hearts BEFORE they end up in a place such as a Dominican prison. William has seen God do amazing heart change through the program he’s used in various prisons and is looking to use a tweaked version of that program to bring about healing before it affects boys/girls in a life altering way. Currently there are around 22,000 people incarcerated in prisons throughout the DR. The program started by William and others has already reached thousands and will continue to do so in the coming years. In comparison, there are 1.2M children attending school in the DR. The potential to reach the next generation through this program is huge! Your partnership can make a huge impact in this project and is greatly desired. Please take the time to watch the video below and hear directly from William.

Partner with William

Please consider partnering with us in this project through supporting William. You can choose a monthly or one-time donation. Simply click the Donate button below.


As always your donations are tax-deductible (*Consult your tax advisor).

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